Excerpts from the Church Register

List of the people who are known to have emigrated taken from the church register.

Adapted from M. E. Lonsdale 'The Heyday of Their Strength' copies of which are available in St Andrews Church.

BEAL (Beale), John: Marriage. Baptism of children.
Nazareth: (Hobart) Baptism. 2 Marriages.
Caleb: Baptism.
BUCK, James: Baptism of child.
John: Baptism.
CHAMBERLINE (Chamberlyne),
Henry: Baptism of children. Burial of 2 children.
John: Baptism.
Robert: Baptism.
Henry: Baptism.
COOPER (Coop, both spellings given in one entry)
Antony: Marriage. Baptism of children.
Burial of wife.
John: Baptism. Antony: Baptism. Jeremye: Baptism. Deborah: Baptism.
COOPER, Thomas: Baptism of children.
Rachel: Baptism.
Elizabeth: Baptism.
CUSHING (Cushinge),
Matthew: Marriage. Baptism of children.
Nazareth: (Pitcher) Marriage.
Daniel: Baptism.
Jeremye: Baptism.
Matthew: Baptism.
Deborah: Baptism.
FOULSHAM (alias Smith),
John: Marriage.
Mary: (Gilman) Marriage.
GATES, Stephen: Marriage. Baptism of child.
Anne: (Weare) Marriage.
Mary: Baptism.
GILMAN, Edward: Marriage. Baptism of children.
Mary (Clark) Marriage.
Edward: Baptism.
Sarah: Baptism.
John: Baptism.
Jeremye: Baptism.
Moses: Baptism.
Daniel: Baptism.
HAWKE, Adam: Baptism.

HAWKE, Stephen: Baptism.

*HUBBERTE (Hubbert, Hubbard, Hubberd, Huberd),
Edmund: Marriage. Baptism of children. Burial
of child.
Margaret: (Dewe) Marriage.
Edmund: Baptism. Marriage.
Elizabeth: (Elmer) Marriage.
Peter: Baptism.
Thomas: Baptism.
Alice: Baptism.
Rebecca: Baptism.
Joshua: Baptism.
Sarah: Baptism.

JACOB, Nicholas: Baptism of children.
John: Baptism.
Mary: Baptism.

LINCOLN, Daniel: Baptism.

LINCOLN, Samuel: Baptism.

LUDKINGE, George: Baptism of one child. Burial of another.
Aron: Baptism.

PECK, Joseph: Marriage. Baptism of children.
Burial of wife.
Rebecca: Baptism.
Joseph: Baptism.
Nicholas: Baptism.
PECK (Pecke),
Robert: (Minister, Clerk): Baptism of children.
Burial of wife and a child.
Anne: (Lawrence) Burial after return to
Anne: Baptism. Robert: Baptism. Thomas: Baptism. Joseph: Baptism.

TOWER, John: Baptism.

(note) The spelling HOBART is never used in this register, although it appears in a later register