The Lincoln’s

In 1622 Samuel Lincoln was born in Hingham and was baptised in St. Andrews Church on 24th August 1622.

Samuel Lincoln became apprenticed to Francis Lawes, Weaver and Mariner of Norwich. On 8th April 1637 when he was fifteen, he sailed with Lawes and his family in the ‘John and Dorothy’ of Ipswich for America, eventually settling in Hingham, Massachusetts.

As can be seen from the lineage chart in St Andrew’s Church, Samuel’s great-great, great, great, grandson was Abraham Lincoln who became the 16th President of the USA in 1860.

To commemorate this connection members of the Lincoln family in the United States combined to erect in St. Andrews church a bronze bust of the famous Liberator President.

The bust was unveiled on 15th October 1919 by the American Ambassador the Hon. John W. Davis in a ceremony attended by the Lord Lieutenant of the County, the High Sheriff, the Bishop of Norwich, the Lord Mayor of Norwich, the Dean of Norwich and the Chairman of the County Council.

The bust is a copy of the 1860 sculpture by the American, Leonard Wells Volk. The niche containing the bust and the inscription tablet on the north wall of the nave are of “Hopton Wood” stone.