Family History Links

If you came here looking for information about your forebears who left Hingham to sail to USA.

these links might help?

A list of the records from the Church Registers of people thought to have emigrated to US.

A list of emigrants and their ships.

Useful Web-sites

Rootsweb Hingham MA site.

'Diligent' passengers (1638)..

The Winthrop fleet.

More about the 'Diligent'.

List of Immigrants to the Colonies.

Passengers on the Mary Anne 1637.

Search for PDFs of archive material on Hingham Passenger lists.

National Archives.

Genuki Site on Hingham A good site for finding information about living relatives.

Hingham history

Family History online

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I have moved to Wales so I cannot help you with direct information but hope that links from this site will be of help.

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