Where to stay in and around Hingham

Where to stay in Hingham

The White Hart Hotel, 3, Market Place, Hingham. Norfolk NR9 4AF

15th Century coaching Inn and Restaurant, recently refurbished. All rooms en suite.

Tel (01953) 850214

Helen and Tony Richardson White Lodge Farm, Hardingham Road, Hingham.

Tel. (01953) 850435.Click here for more information. or to

Mrs C Dunnett The Granary, College Farm, Southburgh Lane, Hingham.

Tel. (01953) 850596.

Two bedroom holiday cottage.

Ann Peirson 23 Market Place, Hingham.

Tel. (01953) 850398 Click here for more information.

Groundfloor en suite with dedicated old world living room (also 2 other rooms)

Where to stay nearby.

Margaret & Harold Neale Rylstone B&B, Bell Road, Rockland St Peter, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 1UL.

Tel. 01953 488199. Click here for more information.or to

Mrs S M Hayward The Smithy, Low Street, Hardingham.

Tel. (01953) 851065.

1 Double 2 Twin

Mr & Mrs A W Lanham The Elms, Shipdham Road, Toftwood, Dereham, NR19 1JJ.

Tel. (01362) 692565

1 single. 2 Doubles.

The Kings Arms Town Lane, Garvestone NR9 4QR.

Tel. (01362) 858190

3 Double en suite rooms.

Mr A Poulton Shipdham Place, Church Close, Shipdham, Thetford, 1P25 7LX.

Tel. (01362) 820303.

8 Single rooms.. 5 Doubles., 3 Twins, 1 Family room. All rooms en suite.

Mrs A E Watts The Croft, Quebec Road, Dereham, NR19 2DP.

Tel. (01362) 693417.

1 Double room, 2 Twin rooms, 1 Family room.

Mrs D Carr White Hall, Carbrooke, Thetford, IP25 6SG.

Tel. (01953) 885950.

2 Doubles. 1 Twin. Some en suite.

Mr & Mrs R Pickering Moat Farm, Ashill, Watton, IP25 7BX.

Tel. (01760) 440357.

1 Single. 1 Double. plus 2 Twin rooms.

Hallfield Farmhouse Thompson, Thetford, IP24 lPT.

Tel. (01953) 83706.

1 Single. 1 Double. 1 Twin and 1 Family room.

The Abbey Hotel (Best Western) 10 Church Street, Wymondham

Tel (01953) 602148

Wymondham Consort Hotel, 28, Market Street, Wymondham.

Tel (01953) 606721

The Griffin Hotel, Church Street, Attleborough.

Tel (01953) 452149

The Royal Hotel, Station Road, Attleborough.

Tel (01953) 452 124

Sherbourne House Hotel, 8, Norwich Road, Attleborough,

Tel (01953) 454363

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Some places to eat (as well as the hotels above):-

Nick's Diner at Deopham