emigrants by ships

The ships
The emigrants from Hingham travelled on the following ships. Where known, the families that took passage on that ship are given in brackets.

Elizabeth Bonaventure. Master John Graves. Left Yarmouth in the first week in May and arrived in Boston on 15th June with 95 passengers. (Chubbock, E.  ; Hobart, Jacob ; R. Smith)

Griffin. After a voyage of 8 weeks, arrived in America on 4th September with about 200 passengers. (T. Cushing ; Haynes)

Numerous ships, not all of whose names are known, crossed the Atlantic this year, but there do not appear to be any passenger lists extant.

John and Dorothy of Ipswich, arrived in Boston on 20th June. (S. Lincoln).

Mary Anne of Yarmouth, master William Goose, left Ipswich in May and arrived in Boston on 20th June. (J. Cutler ; Tower.)

Diligent of Ipswich, master John Martin, left Ipswich in June and arrived in Boston on 10th August with about 100 passengers, mainly from old Hingham and destined for new Hingham. (Buck, Chamberlain, Cooper, M Cushing, Foulsham, Gates, Gilman, F. & P. James, J. & R. Peck, Ripley and Tufts.)