Hingham History Group

The Hingham History Group which has been in existence for nearly thirty years has the following stated aims:-

  • To foster and encourage an interest in the history of Hingham
  • Collect and record documents and data including photographs about Hingham and to maintain and ensure their safe keeping
  • Carry out research into all aspects of Hingham history
  • Compile records of contemporary events which may be of interest to future generations
  • Hold exhibitions and publish information about Hingham historical matters

We are currently sorting into categories and cataloguing the vast amount of information which the Parish Archivist has collected and maintained for many years This will prove to be a valuable source of information for any number of research projects and when we have completed we shall publish details of what we have so that as many people as possible are aware of what information is available..

At present we are continuing our compilation of a history of Hingham houses and the people who have lived in them, for the moment concentrating on The Market Place and Bond Street (formerly Market Street). This is an area where we would very much welcome participation of present owners of such properties who may have copies of deeds, old photographs etc relating to their properties. We would also like to hear from people who may have memories of or have anecdotes about previous occupants and properties including in some cases alleged ghosts!

A number of other areas of research are in progress or about to start, if you are able to contribute any information about the subject matter of each would you please contact the person undertaking the research as noted below.

If there is any specific area of research that anyone is currently undertaking or would like to start please let us know in case we may have material relevant to your project. There may also be those who would like to have the opportunity to share and have recorded their memories of Hingham. We would appreciate hearing from you to see if we may be able to help or exchange information.

Charlie Cooper

For general enquiries:
Dick Stickland ( Parish Archivist)
7 Mill Corner
Tel: 01953 850 453