Below is a list of the people who are known to have emigrated taken from the church register (adapted from M. E. Lonsdale ‘The Heyday of Their Strength’ - copies of which are available in St. Andrews Church).

BEAL (Beale), John: Marriage. Baptism of children.
Nazareth: (Hobart) Baptism. 2 Marriages.
Caleb: Baptism

BUCK, James: Baptism of child.
John: Baptism.

CHAMBERLINE (Chamberlyne),
Henry: Baptism of children. Burial of 2 children.
John: Baptism.
Robert: Baptism.
Henry: Baptism.

COOPER (Coop, both spellings given in one entry)
Antony: Marriage. Baptism of children.
Burial of wife.
John: Baptism. Antony: Baptism. Jeremye: Baptism. Deborah: Baptism.

COOPER, Thomas: Baptism of children.
Rachel: Baptism.
Elizabeth: Baptism.

CUSHING (Cushinge),
Matthew: Marriage. Baptism of children.
Nazareth: (Pitcher) Marriage.
Daniel: Baptism.
Jeremye: Baptism.
Matthew: Baptism.
Deborah: Baptism.

FOULSHAM (alias Smith),
John: Marriage.
Mary: (Gilman) Marriage.

GATES, Stephen: Marriage. Baptism of child.
Anne: (Weare) Marriage.
Mary: Baptism.

GILMAN, Edward: Marriage. Baptism of children.
Mary (Clark) Marriage.
Edward: Baptism.
Sarah: Baptism.
John: Baptism.
Jeremye: Baptism.
Moses: Baptism.
Daniel: Baptism.

HAWKE, Adam: Baptism.

HAWKE, Stephen: Baptism.

HUBBERTE (Hubbert, Hubbard, Hubberd, Huberd),
Edmund: Marriage. Baptism of children. Burial of child.
Margaret: (Dewe) Marriage.
Edmund: Baptism. Marriage.
Elizabeth: (Elmer) Marriage.
Peter: Baptism.
Thomas: Baptism.
Alice: Baptism.
Rebecca: Baptism.
Joshua: Baptism.
Sarah: Baptism.

JACOB, Nicholas: Baptism of children.
John: Baptism.
Mary: Baptism.

LINCOLN, Daniel: Baptism.

LINCOLN, Samuel: Baptism.

LUDKINGE, George: Baptism of one child. Burial of another.
Aron: Baptism.

PECK, Joseph: Marriage. Baptism of children.
Burial of wife.
Rebecca: Baptism.
Joseph: Baptism.
Nicholas: Baptism.

PECK (Pecke),
Robert: (Minister, Clerk): Baptism of children.
Burial of wife and a child.
Anne: (Lawrence) Burial after return to England.
Anne: Baptism. Robert: Baptism. Thomas: Baptism. Joseph: Baptism.

TOWER, John: Baptism.

(*) The spelling HOBART is never used in this register, although it appears in a later register